First, sound is a vibration that we feel with our whole body. Surely you have experienced unpleasant sensations caused by the grinding of sharp objects on the glass. Restless scientists have found an explanation for this: deep in our subconscious mind was imprinted information about the cries of monkeys warning of danger, which in its pulsation spectrum is similar to this repulsive creak. With the influence of music on us, everything is different! The glands are cured of the singers, the life support functions of the body are activated, positive changes are made at the biochemical and hormonal levels, in some cases the acidity of the stomach even changes. Now multiply all this by five and go dancing! The sound equipment for a disco hides tremendous opportunities. Power amplifiers, equipment for DJ, sound processing devices – we offer you complete sets, formed in order to create high-quality sound in your establishment.


During the targeted exposure to sound, two cerebral hemispheres are turned on simultaneously in the body, which, as a rule, is not typical for everyday life. Now, draw yourself a mental picture of what your visitors will have if you use sound equipment for a night club. In addition to acquiring recorders and audio interfaces, microphones, radio systems, high-quality mixing consoles, remember that the installation process is quite time-consuming. Musician.UA experts will tell you how to install a monitor line that helps artists hear what they are playing and make adjustments if necessary. Another important nuance is the position of the control cabin, from which the flow is regulated. It is its correct location that will help form the perfect sound. We will also show you how to accurately switch your “new things”. The sound equipment of the club purchased from us will turn your dance floor into the most visited and elite.

Suppose you are a brilliant performer, and you were invited to speak at the multifunctional stadium located in Pyongyang. It must be emphasized that this is the largest sports complex in the world, so 150,000 fans will listen to your talent! No matter how gifted you are, without one important component all your efforts will be in vain. Concert sound equipment – that’s why you can convey your message to thousands of fans. The viewer often does not even realize that the lion’s share of the success of the performance of the beloved star lies not in his vocal abilities, but in the work of the sound engineer. Not a single rider of celebrities subscribes without including the required equipment, which is involved in such a huge amount that its multi-ton wagons bring it. Even if the crowd of your fans is not so large, and you speak in small clubs, questions related to this area will still not pass you by.

Rental of audio equipment

If in small auditoriums you can limit yourself to installing wall and ceiling speakers, then in large modern halls it is recommended to use a distributed sound system that provides uniform sound pressure throughout the entire area. But for a full-fledged live concert, you will need more complex devices: low-frequency speakers, broadband speakers, equalizers, crossovers, compressors, switching and feedback, suspensions, circuits, wires, connectors, remotes …

There are two types of acoustics: passive, which looks like a box with a crossover circuit and speakers, and active, which is distinguished by a built-in power amplifier. It varies in their number and type. Installing it will require your knowledge of sound engineering and orientation in modern achievements. If you do not have one, do not hesitate to ask questions to our consultants. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rising star or a world-wide legend – concert equipment helps to be recognizable!

How often do we have to observe rallies in an open area, which could not have taken place without one important detail: a microphone or a megaphone. Communication with the masses is greatly enhanced by increasing the sound volume. How difficult it would be to conduct excursions, promotions, training for numerous comers or to implement animation.

Mixing consoles

An impressive assortment of equipment intended for broadcasting sound on the street or indoors falls into this category. It is divided into two varieties. Devices for sounding bars, restaurants, classrooms, conference rooms, which represent a limited number of speakers, amplifier and sound source. And the group is more advanced from an engineering point of view – it is used in large shopping centers and mega markets, large universities and on the street. The equipment for speech and background broadcasting is involved here: landscape, used outside closed areas, and room, designed for closed areas. The latter, depending on its characteristics, is floor, ceiling or wall. Modern technology allows you to schematize any number of columns, depending on your needs. The first ones were invented taking into account the use under various weather conditions: they are not afraid of the wind, and rain is not an obstacle for them.

Our catalog contains a variety of sounding and notification devices: controllers, installation microphones, acoustic warning systems, horn loudspeakers, controllers, PC for broadcast systems, microphone stations, sound sources and players. We will be happy to guarantee a decent sound during your performance!

Sound installation

Features, emotional aspect, quality characteristics of sound were appreciated at all times. In the Middle Ages, for example, to cope with the plague epidemic, bells rang day and night. Centuries later, it turned out that, it turns out, the activity of microbes after exposure to bell ringing decreased by 40%! Nowadays, it has become a commodity in which the music industry gurus are ready to invest considerable financial resources. Professional sound equipment, which you are given a chance to buy in our online catalog, will help to hold an event of any level and format. And our consultants will select the most optimal options within your budget. We also sell all kinds of accessories: covers, cases, racks and holders, pop filters and windshields, microphone screens. Choose! On the shelves of our stores only the best samples are collected!

If your desire to bring music to people’s hearts is as great as our desire to help you with this, then we are on the way! Remember Ludwig van Beethoven’s disease? His deafness did not prevent him from composing brilliant masterpieces. There is a version that the gifted composer “listened” with his teeth, placing one end of his cane on the piano, and the other in the jaw. Thanks to this trick, the sound penetrated into the inner ear of the Master, which, unlike the external one, was completely healthy. This touching story tells us that if the individual has a need to express himself through art, then no obstacle will stop him. We will remove all obstacles from your path and deliver any goods you are interested in with the speed of sound. It does not matter whether you are looking for sound equipment in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, we provide “sound coverage” throughout our country.

If you have a request to purchase goods of this category, it is important to understand that it is advisable to buy the whole set immediately. If, for reasons beyond your control, you do not have all the necessary amount, we are ready to provide interest-free payment in installments. This convenient option is useful to you in the timely launch of a project or a show. We will divide the cost of products into comfortable amounts, and the reimbursement process will be easy and painless for you! It will not be superfluous to look at our Flea market: it may very well be that on this site you will find a used copy of interest to you. We are ready to vouch for the items posted in this section and become the guarantor of the transaction itself. Our unobtrusive assistance will turn this operation into a real pleasure!