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Stage covering


Most of the spectacular performances take place in the auditoriums, on the stages, and the main task of our company is to create an individual textile design that will solve the interior problem of your [...]

Stage covering2020-03-21T18:33:30+03:00

Temporary bridges


The reduction of construction time and as a consequence of lowering the cost of the object is achieved primarily by the use of metal run structures. The design of bridges is accompanied by a well-designed [...]

Temporary bridges2020-03-21T18:08:19+03:00

Installation of special structures


Modern scenes are frame structures made of metal. There are many reasons why you should choose a fast-moving scene: the scenes have an attractive appearance; the design is reliable against rain, wind and snowfall; the [...]

Installation of special structures2020-03-21T17:55:36+03:00

Management systems and load control


Among the common control of various levels and pressures, control of axle load is becoming more and more popular. Specifically, at the request of our customers, we made the integration of the Technoton GNOM axle [...]

Management systems and load control2020-03-21T17:08:45+03:00



Working with large crowds requires crowd control and order. The section offers rental of mobile fences. The chair rental company offers constructions at a price lower than 75-80% of similar organizations. The service is carried [...]


Stage designs


When organizing theatrical shows, performances, outdoor parties, holidays and other events, it is necessary to select the appropriate stage designs. Complete company offers a wide range of modern solutions on very attractive terms. The following [...]

Stage designs2020-03-21T18:36:55+03:00

Platforms & decking structure


Any cultural mass event is complete without a scene. Often it is installed in the most unexpected place. And if the scene in the central area of ​​the city, in the park or in any [...]

Platforms & decking structure2020-03-21T13:19:30+03:00



The main attribute of a great event, concert or festival, besides the performers and presenters, is the stage. Even from the farthest corner of view (at outdoor, open air events) or the auditorium, the performers [...]




Aluminum trusses from the manufacturer are offered by the company "Aluminum constructions". The company specializes in the manufacture of such equipment for a long period of time. The company's full-time specialists have extensive practical experience. [...]


Control and power distribution


Low-voltage complete devices are a set of specialized low-voltage devices designed to control, measure, regulate, signal and protect various electrical equipment. These devices distribute electrical energy and provide effective protection for outgoing lines from short [...]

Control and power distribution2020-03-21T00:34:42+03:00
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