Working with large crowds requires crowd control and order. The section offers rental of mobile fences. The chair rental company offers constructions at a price lower than 75-80% of similar organizations. The service is carried out in Kiev, Lviv, any other city of Ukraine.

Scope.The product scope is quite wide. It is rented mainly by organizers of concerts and mass parties. Products are required when holding rallies, exhibitions and awards.

By renting a mobile fence, you can isolate the following objects:

  • Streets and roads;
  • Stages and concert venues;
  • Zones for spectators (VIP, standard);
  • Exhibits and art objects.

How to order? To do this, you need to call and specify the required length of product so that the manager can calculate the total price. The contract is concluded. After payment and deposit the goods are delivered to the object.

Barricade rental

More about the assortment in the available categories:

  • Fences: metal structures on the legs. The height is in the range of 1-2 meters. Rental of mobile fences of this type is most needed in the field of entertainment. Each section is fastened. The result is an impenetrable wall. If necessary, any element becomes a leaf. High buildings not only isolate people in the right area, but also prevent the spread of debris outside the area;
  • Columns: The main task of products with red and gold ribbons is to raise the status of the event. The main application was found at various ceremonies that require the creation of red carpets. The product is also used for the arrangement of VIP-zones in clubs and concerts.
  • Cones: most needed for parking. They can block the passage of cars into the crowded areas. The catalog is a classic version, made in red and white stripes.