Winches have long found their place on the stage and securely secured in a set of ordinary stage equipment of any type of events – from the sky of human performances and language shows to large-scale world-class concerts.

Rental of сhain hoists

Winch, in spite of its simplicity, consists of multifunctional devices, performing a number of functions. With the help of winches, installation of lighting equipment, translation and installation of decorative scenery, as well as emphasize massive towers and other scenic elements, because they do not use winches, installation is not only existing in a larger working and long-lasting, but in the big business, it is simply impossible . Applying medium scales, the concert requires the installation of several dozen massive floodlights and scanners that are not subject to high ground only by other human changes. For these purposes it is more convenient to use mechanical winches. The scenery is not always able to be moved manually, so the winch is simply indispensable here.

The scaffolding load capacity and their robust mechanism are capable of clearly positioning any type of equipment in the right place on the scene, while ensuring that the speed of installation, even the largest and largest scenes, cannot be considered.

Chain hoists rental

However, winches are not only required for installation work. If you need to provide a lift for any show during the show, such as the need to provide a screen or to create hanging scenery, or, say, equip a stand or blasting platform, a high-quality and reliable winch that will help with that.
Reliable and quality winches are always available to you. They are characterized by high speed of service, installed mechanisms and inside the load itself, and it is important that the winch rental is a guarantee of the time that the installation and installation of your shooting is offered as easily and quickly, regardless of the scale of the event. You can order a winch rental.