Low-voltage complete devices are a set of specialized low-voltage devices designed to control, measure, regulate, signal and protect various electrical equipment. These devices distribute electrical energy and provide effective protection for outgoing lines from short circuits and overloads. Low-voltage devices include various modular equipment and allow the installation of panels of any configuration. The execution of embedded elements can be either stationary or withdrawable. Complete low-voltage devices are designed for a rated voltage not exceeding 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC.

Power distribution

Distribution systems, in particular cabinets, switchboards and boxes, are electrical equipment whose main function and task is to ensure the reception, distribution and redistribution of electricity between sections of an electric circuit with a single-phase or three-phase AC frequency of 50-60 Hz and a voltage of up to 1,000 V Moreover, switchboards and cabinets perform a protective function against overloads, overvoltage, short circuit, as well as the function of disconnecting / switching on.

The distribution cabinet is a structure made of metal or plastic into which the distribution, metering, and turning on / off equipment are mounted. Made of durable materials, such a housing allows you to protect the internal electrical and electronic components from the effects of the environment and the human factor.

As standard, the metal enclosure of the control cabinet is made of sheet steel with a thickness of 0.8-1.8 mm. Such a high-strength frame is able to withstand a load distributed over a volume of several hundred kilograms. At the user’s request, cabinet doors with an opening angle of 120 or 180 degrees can be installed. Often, all control cabinets are equipped with a lock to ensure the integrity of the contents.

Control and distribution

Powdered epoxy-polyester coating is applied to the surface of metal enclosures, which makes them resistant to adverse environmental influences. Boxes, panels and cabinets installed in rooms with adverse conditions, such as, for example, high humidity or dust, have a high degree of protection. They are equipped with more durable and elastic wear-resistant gaskets, seals, plugs, providing unrivaled tightness.

According to the type of execution, distribution systems are divided into cabinets:

  • wall-mounted design (surface mounted);
  • floor execution (installation indoors or outdoor on the floor / podium).

According to the installation method, distribution systems are divided into panels:

  • modular (consisting of several separate sections);
  • with mounting plate.