Modern scenes are frame structures made of metal. There are many reasons why you should choose a fast-moving scene:

  • the scenes have an attractive appearance;
  • the design is reliable against rain, wind and snowfall;
  • the custom scene is easily disassembled and transported because it consists of the same type of construction;
  • the scene can be transported to a new location if needed;
  • the price of the scene is quite affordable;
  • in the production of custom-made scenes to order, modern materials resistant to corrosion are used, making the product different durability.

Hire of special designs

The production of custom-made scenes from metal structures requires special professionalism, as it is necessary to take into account not only the requirements for the strength of the structure, but also its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, this task can be entrusted only to experienced professionals with extensive experience in the design of various metal structures.

All parts are covered with a special composition that prevents corrosion, which makes the scene different in reliability and durability. It is possible to produce a custom scene according to your drawings.

Scenes andproduced in accordance with all necessary safety requirements and are widely used for various public events. High build speed and durability make bespoke scenes an almost perfect option: the scene will last for many years without losing its high performance.

Quickly assembled scenes are assembled directly at the venue of the design event. Sturdy bolts are used in the scene. After the construction was assembled, the scene was lined with banners or billboards.

Professionals can only quickly edit or dismantle a scene. After all, in order to make a single unit of a complete design, not only extensive experience, but also the skill of high-altitude work, as well as the use of special high-altitude equipment. This is especially true if the design of the stage involves the presence of moving elements, such as scenery or podium. Therefore, the task can be entrusted only to experienced professionals with extensive experience in working with metal structures.

Scene editing consists of the following main steps:

  • transportation and disassembly of the structure to the venue;
  • framing the stage;
  • installation on the stage of signboards and banners;
  • stage decoration;
  • dismantling the structure.