On most small venues, such as cafes, restaurants, small discos, schools, etc., where control of light devices is required, this type of light consoles is very often used. Light consoles  are distinguished by ease of use and ease of use, but perhaps their most important quality is that everyone can learn how to work with this type of remotes, while spending a minimum of time on training.

This type of remote control is available in the line of 99% of manufacturers and of course the name of the remote control model will be different, but the principle of operation with all light control panels of this type will be SAME!

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Light control systems are modern equipment with which you can create vivid show programs. Thanks to these devices, you can easily control lighting, lighting equipment. The scope of light control panels is very wide, and the variety of products makes it possible to choose the best option. Product characteristics Dimensions, weight of devices are not the same. The number of control channels is also different.

There are several types of devices, each of which solves specific problems. There is a difference between controllers in terms of power, number of modes, and functionality. Models may have a built-in microphone, a USB port and their own network power supply. You can connect a different number of light sources to one high-quality controller (for example, LED strips and modules). Using devices is quite simple, and the signal is transmitted over long distances. Scope of use of light control panels. In most cases, such equipment is indispensable for concerts, shows, or discos.

It is noteworthy that the light control panels can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. With the help of controllers, you can solve problems associated with the management of stage lighting, backlight. Shortly about advantages The modern lighting equipment is multifunctional, and also easy to use. You can list other advantages of light control panels.

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These are:
• high degree of reliability;
• easy settings;
• ease of installation;
• compatibility with light devices;
• long service life.
Light control panels are available in various configurations: from simple button models to automated devices. When choosing to light equipment, pay attention to its characteristics, purpose.