The efficiency of lighting design of the holiday with the use of lighting equipment depends on the type, type, power and number of light fixtures, as well as the skill of the light operator. The choice of light for discos, concerts, shows, festivals is one of the main tasks of the organizer, as the lighting decision of the scene must clearly correspond to the energy going on. When presenting, fashion shows, exhibitions, other events, it is equally important for the organizer to think about the scenario using light and light equipment to make the desired impact on the target audience.

So, of course, professional light is an integral part of almost any event. The rule says, “Where there is a scene, there must be light.”

Properly selected lights and lighting equipment is a responsible and quite difficult task, but we are always ready to help you.

Architectural light

Even where there is no scene, it makes sense to use a variety of lighting equipment that sets the tone, shapes the mood of the holiday, which creates its overall atmosphere. Particularly effective is the combination of light special effects generators plus various decorative elements. A great solution – when the light is inside any decorative object (ball, star, column, sculpture, etc.) or the decoration itself consists of light objects. This is a very simple, fast and, most importantly, the most effective solution for “pumping” any holiday. The invited guests will undoubtedly appreciate the efforts of the organizers of the event, if the hall is beautifully decorated and it will be nice to be there.

Modern lighting equipment is computer-controlled light fixtures, scanners, scanners, light guns, searchlights, LED lights, special effects generators, lasers, stroboscopes. You can create a real light show on your computer! When renting light, the light operator chooses a light solution for each musical composition – a kind of creativity. And you too, by ordering our lighting equipment, you can take part in this creative process and order (for example, for the first dance of the newlyweds) a light show in the colors, tempo, foreshorten as you want!

Dynamic lamps (disco light) – the most expensive but effective solution, often used at small events, corporate events, discos, parties. These are the most commonly ordered lighting equipment and appliances.

Light guns create a light accent. They are indispensable when you want to highlight a performing artist or any item on stage. Most often, a light gun is ordered for fashion shows or a presentation, wherever it is necessary to provide a spectacular “stage” on the stage or podium, pay special attention to someone or anything.

The floodlight is a fixed fixture that is placed on stage or suspended on special structures above the stage. They provide light in different colors and are controlled by a computer. The flood light is taken on activities in rooms that have insufficient stage lighting.

Scanners look like disco light, but the direction and dynamics of light is regulated through a computer. It gives the opportunity to create dynamic light paintings and light figures on the floor, stage, ceiling, walls.

Lasers create different images, shapes, symbols, inscriptions on stage, walls and even on clouds.

Stage special effects are simply indispensable for noisy fun: confetti generator, snow generator, smoke machine, soap bubble generator.

TV light

Stage lighting is a whole system of adjustable light fixtures. This system consists of light: front, back, bottom, top, side light and their combination. These can be point sources of light (floodlights, guns, scanners, full rotation devices) or linear light sources (lamps, ramps, light panels). The operator of the world can control with the help of a computer such parameters of illumination as power and power of light, direction, dynamics, distribution, color. He, as a true artist, “paints” the scene with light, controlling the light fixtures, changing their parameters, setting the geography and direction of the light.

As we have already emphasized, stage lighting is an art, that is, it is impossible to formalize and define uniform standards for the choice of stage lighting and lighting equipment. However, there are some rules.

The stage light should emphasize and enhance the impression of what is happening on stage, be in harmony with the plan and idea of ​​the directors, directors, artists, organizers of the holiday. If this performance is a musical group, an artist, a vocalist, then the light will be the basis for creating and enhancing the appropriate visual image and ideological orientation going on the scene.

Randy soap bubble generator, confetti generator, smoke machine, special effects generator. For the performance of a pop star, an instrumental ensemble, an orchestra, a rock band, performers of the Ukrainian national song and dance ensemble, a dramatic theatrical production cannot use the same stage light decision. This is understandable. Sometimes the result of the work of lighting equipment should be as soft and unobtrusive as possible, for example, when playing a symphony orchestra or performing a solo performance on the stage, reading poems, conversation, monologue. In this case, the light on the stage is necessary, but it must be calm, subtly conveying the atmosphere.

Theatrical light

The general rule for the light operator is that the light should emphasize the gestures and facial expressions of the performing artists and musicians, convey the smoothness or sharpness of their movements, create a “gloss” or “dullness” of the general background, enhance the desired effect of scenery. All this together creates that unique visual atmosphere, which together with music and dance creates the overall harmony of what is happening on stage.

The lighting design should not be the same throughout the entire stage. The performance ended, you can concentrate the light on the musicians and the light gun to “highlight” the conductor when he turned his face to the viewer. The stage pop star comes on stage – you can pause sharply, dim the light, and then sharply turn on the spotlights and send them to the artist.

However, sometimes the background of the scene must be hidden, and sometimes on the contrary – to create a “wave motion” or the moon’s glow in the background of the scene. Like in dance and music, there should be style and harmony in the stage lighting, accents should be highlighted, pauses maintained, dynamics maintained, and color transitions effectively applied.

If a couple is dancing on a stage in a romantic dance – the total light can be removed, but directing the dancers to watch the light fixtures, a special effect is the impression of fog generated by the smoke machine. The solemn first dance of the newlyweds – here you just need to strengthen the main note of the wedding – we produce confetti in the form of pink hearts, “white snow”, “rose petals”, leaves, sparkles.

The stage lighting should provide full visibility of what is happening on stage. And here the questions arise as to the quantity of light and the quality of light devices per se. When ordering lighting equipment, organizers of the event should pay utmost attention to the amount and type of light required to design a particular event. Also, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the quality of light fixtures, especially the indicators of the power of luminous flux and the resolution of light equipment in space.