Among the common control of various levels and pressures, control of axle load is becoming more and more popular. Specifically, at the request of our customers, we made the integration of the Technoton GNOM axle load monitoring system with a monitoring system.
As you can see, it is not necessary to put a bunch of equipment in order to control this parameter, you just need a monitoring controller and an axle load sensor that crashes into the air bag and reads the readings.

Load management systems

After installing the sensor, it must be calibrated to establish the exact load, after which we get an accurate picture of the axle load.
Having collected evidence for the n-th time, it is possible to conduct an analysis that will subsequently help in making decisions on the release of vehicles on the line, so as not to waste it once again and significantly save on costs.

There are 2 types of sensors:

– for spring suspension
– for air suspension

The quality of this equipment is at the highest level, because they fail in very rare cases, in which the fact of sabotage by drivers is often recorded.