Podiums and stages are ideal for the implementation of any event: festival, presentation, exhibition, forum, cultural event, sports, private and corporate event.

According to our design, you can rent an arched and gable stage construction from us.

Stage equipment meets all safety standards and is provided with the Ukrainian certificate of fire safety. Differs in convenience and profitability during transportation and assembly. Installation does not require a large number of personnel and time.

The system has high-quality stage coatings – anti-slip and waterproof laminate, resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Mobile rental scenes

There are 4 types of scenes in our company:

  • mobile podium;
  • stage podium;
  • Layher system podium;
  • car podium.

Rental mobile scene

Designs meet both aesthetic canons and all safety requirements, which is most important. A characteristic feature of the stage designs of these systems is the ability to carry large static and dynamic loads, their compatibility, high assembly speed and wear resistance. Everything is taken into account – from a strong and highly reliable fastening system that holds a multi-kilogram suspension of the necessary equipment, to a refractory and stable surface that can withstand the required number of participants in a concert, show, event.

A team of professional installers will assemble the stage construction, connect all the equipment and fully prepare the stage for corporate events.