Any cultural mass event is complete without a scene. Often it is installed in the most unexpected place. And if the scene in the central area of ​​the city, in the park or in any room is quite commonplace, then in a pool, lake or any other body of water, it is considered something extreme and unusual.


Thus, a variety of such structures should be selected taking into account the features of its installation in each case individually.
Typically, different types of scenes are used for various events:

  • Ground – is a stage with a roof set for concerts or festivals in squares, parks and other outdoor venues.
  • Podium – it is very convenient to defile the models in various fashion shows, and also such designs are great for presentations.
  • Tribune – is a small scene with several rows of chairs. Usually they are installed at various celebrations (parades, conferences and others).
  • Pedestal – is considered a kind of stage designs, which honor athletes who have won prizes in competitions or competitions.


Entry and start frames are required to indicate boundaries during sporting events.
A number of additional structures are used to stage the stage. The main ones are ladders, fences, bolts, ramps, portals for acoustic technology, auxiliary elements for installation of stage screen or banner and many others. All this increases the comfort, reliability and safety of the scene.

With the onset of the hot summer months, cultural and entertaining activities on various reservoirs are very popular, which cannot be imagined without water stage constructions.