Tracking guns are indispensable tools for professional lighting. Almost all light tracking guns have a convenient system for adjusting the brightness and color change. Most of them can be controlled manually, requiring a light operator to operate. The following light cannons are distinguished by the ease of their installation and operation, as well as the unmatched high quality of instruments.

When viewed constructively, these are projector-optic light floodlights that have been modified specifically to use them as “guns”. First, the improvements were aimed at reducing the angle of the light beam in order to increase the range of the device.

Hiring spotlights

Modern tracking light guns are additionally equipped with:

  • wheels or cassettes;
  • iris diaphragms;
  • replaceable color filters;
  • dampers;
  • dimmers or mechanical dimmers.

Extremely large tracking spotlights are designed for long-distance work (from 50 meters or more). They are equipped with a smooth suspension necessary to avoid vibrations, the absence of light rays on objects, as well as unwanted jitter of the device.

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Lighting spotlights designed for theaters are equipped with convection-cooled appliances without the help of fans, which helped eliminate noise. In touring kits and on pop-up venues, where compactness is preferable, light fixtures with a forced ventilation system are used.