Most of the spectacular performances take place in the auditoriums, on the stages, and the main task of our company is to create an individual textile design that will solve the interior problem of your hall.

The intermittent-sliding curtain is the most important element that sets the emotional mood and nature of the event. It can be both sliding and lifting.

Harlequin – is a short horizontal curtain. It hides the mechanisms of the upper stage from the audience, and also serves as a decorative complement (flowing soft draperies with horizontally vertical folds) to the general curtain.

The scenes are a side flat part of the scenery located at the edge of the stage. There are soft hinged backstage and hard backstage on the frame.

Rainbows – are located horizontally above the stage. They hide from the viewer’s eyes that part of the equipment that is installed at the top, for example, spotlight farms.

Separator of plans – used in the productions to separate the scene.

Backdrops are the background design of the wall.

All elements of “Clothes for the stage” must have both technical and aesthetic properties. Our company offers specialized fire-resistant fabrics, which guarantees the safety of curtains. The decoration functions are the design of the curtain with fringe, tassels, embroideries, appliques, painted with artistic colors according to your own project, or according to the project of our designer-artist.

Rental of stage clothes

A number of fabrics are used for manufacturing: velvet, vinyl, satin, sometimes silk and woolen fabrics. The traditional fabric is velvet; it is suitable both for the main theater curtains and for decorations, backstage and framing of the stage.

Velvet – different in several respects.

First of all, this is the composition of the fabric – cotton or Trevira CS. Cotton velvet is additionally impregnated with a special fire-retardant composition, which gives the fabric fire-resistant properties, but which may lose its original effectiveness as a result of washing or deterioration of the fabric. Trevira CS are polyester fibers that contain phosphorus, so Trevira CS fibers do not burn, but smolder slowly. This property has been introduced at the molecular level, and therefore Trevira CS fibers do not require additional chemical treatment to protect against fire.

Secondly, this is the density of the fabric, in our company velvet with a density of 250 to 600 g / m2 is presented. Low density velvet is better to use with an extra lining fabric, as a rule, it can be gabardine or satin.

Thirdly, it is a color scale. Traditionally, muted tones are used – maroon, green, gray and blue. Black color is ideal for sewing the “cabinet of the scene”.

A properly sewn product should contribute to the light and sound insulation of the scene.
For these purposes, a three-layer lightproof and sound-absorbing two-sided fabric from Trevira threads, called blackout, is used. Due to the use of high-quality raw materials and tight weaving, it has a pleasant texture, high wear resistance, does not require a lining, retains its shape well, is not prone to fading and drapes gently. Blackout fabric is an environmentally friendly material that does not require special cleaning conditions.