Stage mechanics is one of the main points in the work of theater. Mechanical equipment helps a variety of performances of the spectacle, with its help it is possible to receive defeat special effects, to be added in a production non-trivial and magical.

Theatrical solutions other than cinema have no mature special effects tables. In the theater everything is built on the realistically existing one. And the livelier and saturated the performances will be, the more popular the theater itself will be.

There is no dynamics and spectacle – the performance has failed. If your theater still has installed mechanical equipment for the scenes, then be prepared for the time that it will be possible in the near future to legalize the loss of their reconciliation, they will happily pass to your nearest competition, or they will cease attending the theater.

Moving platforms

Easy installation, module, reliability and safety of all-round operation are the main indicators of quality. It is also necessary to forget about reliable drops and clips which give integrity and prognostic ally all scenes. The podium and other scenic designs should be trusted by professionals who test the work quickly and efficiently to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Today, many other stores offer stage equipment, including moving platforms are inexpensive. Activity, among a huge assortment of models is what you choose for your taste, color and purse. The larger case uses precast catwalks, which are practical, easy to operate and unpretentious in the care, have an aesthetic appearance. And it is always easy to assemble and move, other than catwalks from other materials.