The main attribute of a great event, concert or festival, besides the performers and presenters, is the stage. Even from the farthest corner of view (at outdoor, open air events) or the auditorium, the performers should be clearly visible and their voices heard loud and clear to every observer. This most important task is solved by stage design, optimally selected for a particular room, stadium or the number of people present in the open air in the west.

Scene editing

Turnkey scene creation includes the following services:

  • assembly of a scene frame;
  • installation of decorative design (scenery, curtain mechanism);
  • installation of light, sound and video equipment;
  • dismantling of structures.

The cost of stage construction services depends on the complexity of the project, the number of equipment and the installation site.


The farm structures as well as the roof of the scene are assembled according to a reassembled scheme. According to the general plan, we will equip additional structures: sound portals and towers (single or multi-tier), as well as a workplace for audio equipment. Our staff will perform all measures in a comprehensive manner, ensuring timely installation, and in the end of the action – disassembly and removal of aluminum scenes, and other elements.

If necessary, we will install stage fences, ensuring full compliance with safety measures. By contacting us, clients will be able to order and construct sports designs of all sizes and shapes. At the same time, we will install such installations even on uneven sites. Our company has swivel jacks and mounting elements, through which the technicians level the level, and perform the installation and rental of the stage safely and qualitatively.

Rental scene

It is best to entrust the responsible professionals with the stage to the true professionals. We provide security guarantees for artists and audiences, and provide an amazing and vibrant entertainment show. To apply for our services, you must submit an application on our site. We have a flexible system of discounts and individual approach to each client.