When organizing theatrical shows, performances, outdoor parties, holidays and other events, it is necessary to select the appropriate stage designs. Complete company offers a wide range of modern solutions on very attractive terms.

The following popular types of designs are included in the catalog assortment:

  • stage farms – can be triangular, square and flat;
  • stage constructions – represented by models in different sizes, differing in configuration;
  • collapsible scenes – attract ease of assembly and disassembly;

Aluminum catwalks are represented by rectangular, square and circular models. You can also immediately order all the necessary accessories, including accessories. It is necessary to mention non-standard products that pay attention to the original appearance. For each category, the catalog offers an abundance of models that differ in basic characteristics that determine cost.

Stage rental structures

Making the right decision will help professional advice of employees who practice an individual approach when working with each client. Scheduled events that require collapsible scenes are taken into account.

Custom production of podiums is an opportunity to get designs that fit all parameters:

  • production materials;
  • type and purpose;
  • features of the structure;
  • dimensions and shape;
  • functionality.

Before production, the staff of Komplektatsiya develop a layout that reflects all the features of the future design. A competent structure provides convenience in direct operation, as well as a high level of reliability and no breakdowns with long-term use.

Aluminum is the best material for a scene. The use of aluminum for the manufacture of structures in Moscow and the Moscow region is a justified solution due to its undeniable advantages:

  • lightweight – the material is light;
  • ease of transportation – transportation is easy;
  • quick assembly and assembly – it doesn’t take long to complete all the steps;
  • high durability – the ability not to deform, to cope with mechanical impact;
  • reliability – fulfill the appointment for a long time.

All these advantages can be obtained with little material cost, since stage designs are realized at an affordable cost.