Aluminum trusses from the manufacturer are offered by the company “Aluminum constructions”. The company specializes in the manufacture of such equipment for a long period of time. The company’s full-time specialists have extensive practical experience.

Aluminum farms, the production of which is one of the areas of activity of our company, allow to equip the theater playground, stage or install installations in shops and trade pavilions within the shortest possible time. A significant advantage of such structures is their minimum weight, which facilitates the process of transportation and installation.

Among the advantages of this equipment are the following points:

  • resistance to fluctuations in temperature;
  • structural flexibility;
  • reliability;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • aesthetics;
  • strength of construction;
  • ease of assembly and transportation;
  • minimum weight.

Aluminum farms Ukraine

Suspension farms feature high functionality. Using them, you can create a mobile stage of the required sizes in the shortest possible time. The finished design can contain multi-level catwalks, as well as balder stairs and fences.

Finished aluminum structures consist of supporting elements on which the stage podium is installed. The frame provides maximum rigidity and stability. If necessary, runs are run on the upper belt of farms. This design solution avoids the appearance of additional bending moment. The distance between the centers of the nodes is determined by the length of the aluminum trusses.

Aluminum trusses offered by Aluminum Structures meet the quality standards. They easily withstand the calculated load and have an attractive appearance.

The farm itself constructively contains longitudinal crossbars and splits. The former are presented in the form of round pipes of parallel arrangement. The connection of the bolts is made by the use of splits. The cross-section of the supporting farms may vary within 350-600 mm. The thickness of the walls is often from 1.5 to 2 mm.

Rental of aluminum farms

Aluminum trusses are round, flat and triangular. The final choices should be made depending on the goals pursued by the purchase. If necessary, our managers will help you make the final choice.

Square trusses.Aluminum truss truss is the most common variant of construction, due to its mechanical strength and resistance to shock loads. Products of this shape of various diameters are well suited for frequent use. The classic design will help you to perform any large-scale concert or other mass event.

Triangular farms. The aluminum triangular farm is also very often used in the organization of concert events. The high reliability of the product with minimal weight make these designs very mobile.

Flat trusses. Another variant of aluminum structures. Such farms are less durable products of triangular or square shape, but they are more attractive in terms of economy. If used, it is advisable to limit yourself to installing banners and illuminating elements.

Custom designs. Non-standard designs include aluminum trusses of circular and curved type. The basis for their manufacture is a pipe with a diameter of 48 mm. The curved and circular variants of the farms allow you to create the basis for the suspension of sound and light equipment of different configurations. Customized designs can be combined using traditional square, triangular and flat farms. This greatly facilitates the creation of decorative, advertising or exhibition objects.